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 The squirrel is your master!

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PostSubject: The squirrel is your master!   18/11/08, 05:11 pm

This is your admin Midi the Squirrel here! I'm a brown squirrel sporting a red T-shirt and baggy blue jeans, plus a penchant for anything that goes BOOM! I am an artist, a writer, and a game programmer, and often do commission work for anyone who wants it.

Apart from being able to create bombs like bombermen can do, I can also self-detonate and respawn shortly after, so it makes a good last resort.

I tend to get very silly, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go above the rules. And if anyone catches me slipping, feel free to nag me via PM, OK?

Well, time to go do some boom!
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The squirrel is your master!
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