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 Mega Man 7 Dr. Wily Stages Music Rant/Review

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PostSubject: Mega Man 7 Dr. Wily Stages Music Rant/Review   22/12/08, 05:12 pm

(NOTE: This is my opinion, there's nothing you can do about it. Also if this topic fits better in the "General Chat" Category, please move this topic there. I was thinking that since the other topic had nothing to do with self-made custom music as in made by members on the website,not like music other people have made, I could post this here. Also, I will do more of these Music Rants/Reviews, and if you would like me to rant/review certain pieces of music just PM me with a request. I also know that music does not matter in a game unless it's absolutely horrible, but I just want to go a bit more in-depth with music in games.) I just felt like ranting/reviewing certain pieces of music from the game Mega Man 7 for the SNES. First on the list, "Dr. Wily Stage One". The start of this music gives me a headache, and sounds more like something you would hear from a stage set in an ice/snow habitat. After a while in the song it starts to sound better but really doesn't pull of the feel of the Dr. Wily stages, I also must say that the tempo seems to be quite slow for a Dr. Wily stage. Second on the list, "Dr. Wily Stage 2". First off, it starts out sounding Michael-Jackson-like, especially with the percussion claps in the background. Second, it doesn't sound that much like something for a Dr. Wily stage, this would better fit a boss named "Klatschen Man" ("klatschen" means clap in German). Some of the notes in the song I think sound a bit different then they should, or maybe that's just me, I have a bad sense of predicting what the next note is. I must also mention that the tempo still seems a bit slow. Third on the list, "Dr. Wily Stage Three". YES, FINALLY! CAPCOM MANAGED TO DO THE DR. WILY STAGES JUSTICE IN THIS GAME FOR ONCE! Even though this one would better fit in Turbo Man's stage or as the introduction music, it still sounds awesome Very Happy! When I heard this song I was thinking about this having to do something with Rush, I don't know why though. I can't think of much more to say about this song, but I will say they got the tempo right this time. And Last, "Dr. Wily Stage Four". THIS ONE IS THE BEST IN MY OPINION! The tempo is perfect, sounds not very Dr. Wily stage-like but this one is an exception. I don't know why, but this one sounds the best, but it is the shortest, and you barely get to hear it that long because you just re-fight the 8 robot masters over again, but those minor hold backs don't keep it from sounding AWESOME! This music might get stuck in your head if you listen to it a certain amount of times. Well, that's all I have to say. EDIT: I just realized that "Dr. Wily Stage Three" and four both sound kind of the same.

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PostSubject: Re: Mega Man 7 Dr. Wily Stages Music Rant/Review   23/12/08, 01:12 am

Funny thing is... my friend and I listened to these just today on a road trip. And I do agree, those songs are really catchy. I've always liked Dr. Wily stage music and number 7 is high on the list. I also like Mega Man 5 Dr. Wily music, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, and Dr. Cossack 3-4 and Protoman (not Dr. Wily but fortress music).

Many people criticize Mega Man 5 and 6 for it's music but if you get past the tinny-ness of the quality the songs and notes are actually very catchy, hummable and even lengthy compared to the other NES Mega Man games.

I might not be able to rant on like you can but I just thought I would add some 2 cents. I would also like to hear about the awesome sound chip in the Super Nintendo (ex: Final Fantasy III (VI) for the SNES, Dancing Mad etc.)

No thanks. I just ate.
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Mega Man 7 Dr. Wily Stages Music Rant/Review
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