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 My first 2-player Bomberman match!

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Some Dude


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PostSubject: My first 2-player Bomberman match!   23/12/08, 03:40 am

Well, Yurii and I had a match on Bomberman '93 for TurboGrafx. I won a set and he won a set and we constantly ended up in draw matches. I thought a Bomberman game was fun before but after playing multiplayer, wowee! I seem to have some skill as I was complimented by said Yurii! I must go back to raining now!

No thanks. I just ate.
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PostSubject: Re: My first 2-player Bomberman match!   23/12/08, 05:42 pm

Yeah, multiplayer is the best way to go in Bomberman! I remember playing Party with my sister and cousins a while back. Used to be the best, but now I get fragged all the time. Embarassed Very Happy
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My first 2-player Bomberman match!
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