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PostSubject: JAVA! ARGH!   09/04/09, 03:11 pm

I am hating Java at the moment! It's not that it's a bad language, it's better than Python but I'd rather learn C. The problem is though that the class is being taught with no computers and the professor just reads 80 slide Powerpoint on Java programming! I can't learn that way! No matter how much I try, I can't learn it! I am borderline failing and this test today isn't going to help either! If anyone is good at Java, feel free to help! >.<

I can read Java code and easily see the outcome but when it comes to the opposite, taking instruction and pseudo-code and writing the program out, that is where I have trouble. Well, I've ranted long enough. -_- *phhhbbbbbbtt*

No thanks. I just ate.
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PostSubject: Re: JAVA! ARGH!   20/04/09, 08:49 pm

Go to java.com and download Blue J to practice with. Then you'll be able to figure the stuff out. Also, ask your teacher if you can get copies of the slides to study with.
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